Storytime Picks of the Month: January

In this monthly feature, I pick my favorite storytime reads of the month–one from my baby storytime, one from toddler storytime, and one from preschool storytime.

tuck-in-timeBaby Storytime Pick: Tuck-In-Time by Carole Gerber. Books like this are a great choice for baby storytime. There’s a lot of rhyming, and it allows for parent and baby participation. This book lists lots of different body parts on baby, so caregivers can identify the parts on baby as you read together. It also depicts the common scene of bedtime, which makes it identifiable to all the babies in storytime. The cadence makes it a great read aloud. I had never read this book before, and it will definitely go in my rotation for good books to use in baby storytime.

monkey see look at meToddler Storytime Pick: Monkey See, Look at Me! by Lorena Siminovich. This month, I made it a point to only use new books in my baby and toddler storytimes. It’s so important to keep it fresh and try new books. I’m so glad I tried this one! The bright illustrations and fun story made this a perfect story for toddlers. My toddlers are usually pretty quiet while I’m reading the books, even when I ask them questions while reading. But they LOVED responding to the question: “Is he a rabbit? Is he a lion?” I got a resounding “No!” and a lot of giggles every time. There’s also a lot of opportunity to have your kiddos do animal noises and participate as you read the story. This was just a really fun crowd pleaser.

snip snapPreschool Storytime Pick: Snip Snap!: What’s That? by Mara Bergman. This was another book I had never read in storytime before, and my kids LOVED it! It’s also a great book for many different themes, as my coworker who introduced it to me pointed out. It can work for a noisy storytime (the theme of the storytime I read this in this month), a reptile storytime, a scary storytime, and more. It’s just fabulous. You can ramp up the scary factor and the kids love it. While it is suspenseful, and my kids were on the edges of their seats throughout, it never crossed the line into too spooky. They all had big grins on their faces and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen. This was definitely a winner!

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