I Resolve to Rock in 2015!

It might be a little late for New Year’s resolutions, but I really liked Storytime Underground’s call to resolve to rock in 2015 and wanted to take a little time to think about, and then blog about, my professional goals for the year.

Resolve-to-Rock-meme-image1. Presume good intentions from others. I haven’t blogged about CALLI much lately, which is mostly because it slows down in November and December due to the holiday season. But in January we will be meeting to discuss leadership books we’ve been reading and to share what we’ve learned. I plan on writing a longer post about the fabulous book I read, Trustology, but one major takeaway I got from the book was that you need to presume good intentions from people. This is especially hard to do with people you might have had difficult relationships with in the past. This is both a personal and professional goal for me. It’s something I strive to do naturally, but this is the year I’m going to make sure I’m intentional about it, and give the people around me permission to call me out if they see that I am not presuming good intentions.

2. Finish our department’s weeding project. We’re planning a room redesign, and before that happens we want to be well weeded. The biggest area to be weeded is the nonfiction section. I’m halfway through the 600’s right now (my section is 500-999). It’s going slowly, but it’s amazing how much better the shelves look. I’m excited to keep going with it.

3. Be intentional about adding new songs and rhymes to my storytime repertoire. I have a lot of favorite songs and rhymes I use over and over again for baby and toddler storytime. I love those songs, and so do the babies and the toddlers, but I want to make sure I’m keeping it fresh for everyone. This year I’m going to seek out new songs, rhymes, (and books!), and try them out. It’s always fun to do new things and I want to make sure I don’t get bored or stuck in a storytime rut.

4. More school-aged programming! For our size and staff, our library has a really great amount of baby, toddler, and preschool programming. I’m really proud of the focus on early literacy, but I’d love for us to have more regular school-age programming during the school year.

5. Continue to grow and learn from CALLI. I’m so lucky to be part of the CAL Leadership Institute, and I can’t wait to continue my professional development in the program. I think 2015 will be a year of great learning and growing for me because of my participation in CALLI.

6. Have more fun with my work. This is a professional goal for me every year. Finding joy and fun in what I do is incredibly important to me, and one of the reasons I became a children’s librarian. And the more I focus on having fun, I think I’m both better at my job and happier with my life. Every year at my current job has been more fun than the last, and I want to continue that in 2015.

So those are my professional goals for 2015. What are yours? Also, be sure to check out Storytime Underground if you haven’t already and see what other awesome youth services librarians are resolving to do in 2015!

4 thoughts on “I Resolve to Rock in 2015!

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