My Reading Goals for 2015

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about reading goals lately. Abby the Librarian’s post on the ALSC blog got me started thinking about what my reading goals for 2015 might be. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Not to make a Goodreads challenge for the year. This has been discussed both here and here. And I agree with both of these posts. While the Goodreads challenge pushes me to read more, it also stresses me out. I’m pretty competitive, especially with myself. When I see that I’m behind, I will read anything I can to catch up. This can mean shying away from longer, deeper reads in favor of shorter reads that will get my count up faster. That’s not really the point of reading. Or, at least, it’s not the type of reading I want to be doing in 2015.


photo credit: nxb via photopin cc

2. To re-read some of my favorite books. I really want to re-read all of Jane Austen, in chronological order, and watch the movie adaptations of her books as I read them. I also got a beautiful illustrated version of The Hobbit for Christmas 2013 that I haven’t had time to delve into yet. Re-reading is something I did all the time as a kid. It was part of the joy of reading. I haven’t done that as much as an adult. I want to do more of it in 2015.

3. To read some more classics. I absolutely loved Willa Cather’s The Professor’s House when I read it in college and have always meant to read more Cather. Maybe this is my year. I’d like to read at least a few canon books that I haven’t read before.

4. To read books by more diverse authors and about more diverse characters. I loved the #WeNeedDiverseBooks conversation that happened on Twitter this year and happily donated to the campaign. I want to intentionally seek out more authors and protagonists that are diverse in 2015.

5. To allow myself to go on reading tangents. This is another part of reading as a kid that I loved: I would read an author that I loved, or about a topic that I was interested in, and I would read nothing else for weeks or even months. I want to allow myself to go down these rabbit holes of reading again.

photo credit: oatsy40 via photopin cc

photo credit: oatsy40 via photopin cc

6. Read more books from my personal library. Working at a library and constantly being surrounded by shiny new books is so tempting. I bring home stacks of books and spend my time trying to read them. I don’t expect this to stop, but I’d also like to spend some time reading books I’ve owned for years and never gotten around to reading.

7. Feel less guilt about my reading. As a children’s librarian, I tend to feel guilty when I read an adult book or a teen book. This year I’m going to try to stop that. Reading is supposed to be pleasurable, after all, and I want to have the same joy in reading that I hope to help foster in the kids at the library. That means reading what I want to read when I want to read it. And enjoying it without feeling like I should be reading something else.

I’m hoping that these goals will help me have a fulfilled, and enjoyable, year of reading. Do you have any reading goals for 2015? I’d love to hear what they are!

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