Goal Setting

This blog happened because of CALLI. I’ve had a WordPress blog for a few years now, since I started my job as a children’s librarian. My original plan was to do a storytime blog to help out newbie librarians the way other blogs helped out me when I started doing storytimes. But, as it so often does, life happened. My job is busy, fulfilling, wonderful, and when I started it I was doing a whole lot of new things. Adding blogging to the mix just seemed like too much. So this blog lay dormant for a few years.

Yay for goals!

Yay for reaching goals!

Setting Goals

On our second day of CALLI, we had a goal setting exercise. We had spent a lot of the day talking about our strengths, and the purpose of this exercise was to think about our strengths and develop goals around them. We were to come up with two goals, and then we were going to do peer-to-peer goal coaching. I decided to focus on my Developer® and Learner® strengths. I thought about this blog, and realized that the reason I had always been drawn to blogging was because of my Developer® strength. It would be the perfect way to share what I was learning in CALLI with others, and hopefully help them grow with me. So my goal was to officially start this blog, commit to writing a minimum of one post a month, and have the main focus be on library leadership.

Our goals were to be SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound). We were also supposed to focus on goals that we could meet over the next 3 months, as we start the CALLI experience. We also had to write them down, as studies have shown that just writing down goals makes you more likely to do them. Actually, that study I linked to shows that not just writing them down, but talking to a friend about them and checking in weekly with a friend makes you the most likely to follow through. Which is probably why we also did goal coaching, which was the most helpful part of the exercise for me.

Goal Coaching

For this part, we were paired off with another CALLI participant. We took turns talking about what our goals were: we refined them and made sure they were actually SMART goals that we could reasonably attain. Then we set dates to check back in with each other about where we were with our goals. And this is what really made me sit down and write that first blog post. Knowing that I was going to get a call asking how my blog was going meant I actually had to be accountable and have something to show my awesome coach. And now I’ve kicked my original goal’s butt: this is the 7th post I’ve written for this month. I’m sure not every month will be this prolific (there was so much to delve into after that first CALLI session), but it feels like I’ve really created something that I wanted to, and stuck with it.

So, to hold myself accountable for another goal, here is the second goal I set at CALLI (based around my Learner® strength): I want to import all of my storytimes in Evernote. I got the idea from the fabulous Melissa of Mel’s Desk, who blogged about it over at the ALSC blog, and it’s another goal I’ve had at the back of my mind for the last year or so. I would like to finish doing this by the end of the year. The first part of the goal is to think about the taxonomy I want to use when I tag my storytimes. My check in for this will be posting a blog about it either in late December or early January. Hopefully this will hold me accountable and mean that both of the goals I wrote about at CALLI happen.

photo credit: duncan via photopin cc

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