CALLI, This Blog, and My Future Adventures

As I sit here to write this, my inaugural blog post, my head is so full of thoughts I’m not sure where to begin. There’s so much to share about my recent CALLI experience that I’m realizing it will necessitate several blog posts in order to say all I want to say. So I’ll start with some background, what I hope this blog will be about, and a plea for my fellow CALLI members (or other readers) to give me any feedback they deem to be helpful.


CALLI Background

First, some background information on what CALLI is and how I’m involved with it. CALLI stands for the Colorado Association of Libraries Leadership Institute. I’m a member of the 2014-2015 cohort. More information on the program’s goals can be found here: Basically, CALLI is about growing leaders within all library types and at all levels within their organizations. It’s a year-long program, and if my experience with the first two days is any indication, it’s going to be a wonderful, intense, and immensely satisfying year.

Our two days were split up like this: on the first day, the fabulous Pat Wagner of Sierra talked to us about leadership, the different ways of thinking in an organization, ethics, and so much more. Originally, I was going to try to put all of that in this blog post, but I’m realizing that’s far too ambitious. Look for smaller blog posts coming in the next couple of weeks to cover everything. On the second day, we all talked about our strengths. Before the meeting we had all taken the Strengths Finder 2.0 test, and so we spent the day discussing what our strengths meant, how to leverage them, and how to think about them. Again, look for an upcoming blog post discussing this more in detail.

This Blog

This blog will follow my adventures through the year at CALLI, while I think about leadership, while I consider my own goals in regards to leadership, what I’m learning, and more. It may also include some fun children’s librarian posts, including programming and storytime ideas, although that won’t be the main focus of the blog for the next year. In a goal setting exercise at CALLI (more on that in a future blog post!) one of my goals was to write at least one post a month. Right now I have about 6 post ideas lined up, so it may be considerably more than that, but that’s my initial promise to anyone who feels like reading this blog.

A Plea

Part of my goals for this blog were also to promote it, and I’m starting that by sending it out to other CALLI participants. So please, let me know what you think. This adventure is part of my growing and reflecting process, and I welcome comments and feedback (from both CALLI cohort members and anyone who stumbles across this blog).

photo credit: Sharing2Learn via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “CALLI, This Blog, and My Future Adventures

  1. Hi Kristen, great job on the first post! I think it’s a great idea to log your thoughts and experiences like this as we go along. I’m looking forward to reading this to reinforce my own memories.

    • Thanks, Amy! I agree–a lot of this for me is about clarifying what I’m thinking about in CALLI, and helping myself to reinforce what I’m learning and having a log to look back on as the year goes on.

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